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MixtureTree v3.0Download Package
MixtureTree v3.0 is a Linux based program (written in C++) which implements several versions of an algorithm based on mixture models for reconstructing phylogeny. The first algorithm has six different optimization options and supports binary sequence data, such as single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The second algorithm has two different optimization options and supports aligned haplotype sequences. A bootstrap procedure is implemented for all algorithms with majority-rule consensus.
MixtureTree Annotator v1.0Download Package
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MixtureTree Annotator v1.0 is a Java-based program that allows the user an enhanced visualization of the phylogenetic tree generated by MixtureTree by providing the ability to color the resulting tree, and annotate the resulting tree with mutation and coalescent time information. In addition, this program allows the user to color any tree-file in Newick format.
Association RuleDownload Datasets
This is the compressed file containing datasets that were analyzed in publication entitled 'Dynamic association rules for gene expression data analysis'.